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John Hall

AIM Executive Director

John Hall joins AIM as the Executive Director. His passion is to be a catalyst for promoting the AIM school and improving the lives of countless impoverished Indian children.  John will lead the day-to-day operations of AIM as well as share God’s glorious vision for AIM in the United States at every opportunity.  His ultimate leadership goal is to guide AIM in a direction which provides an educational opportunity for those children in India who would not normally have the option to be educated.

Prior to joining AIM, John spent 14 years guiding two Baptist churches as their lead Pastor.  He understands both the joys and challenges that come with leading a church.  In his time as a Pastor, John had the privilege of witnessing how reaching out to people around the world can enrich their lives and give them hope.  He at the same time recognized that these ministries to the less fortunate in the world strengthen the American church as the church is united and built up as God’s hands and feet.

John has been married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife, Lari.  John and Lari have a love for children, and they have five of their own – all boys!  John desires to spend his life in service to Jesus Christ in any capacity that God leads him toward in ministry.  He is extremely excited about AIM.

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